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Ben was diagnosed with leukaemia in December 2022. An avid cyclist of all forms before his diagnosis Ben didn't let the leukaemia stop him from enjoying his passion. From Saturday riverloops with old friends,  ripping up Kalamunda trails and weekly rides with Scotch dads, Ben was hard to miss on his Look, putting the watts down on the front.

A devoted and ever loving dad to James and Andrew and a loving husband to Fiona, Ben often said his favourite rides were with the boys and Fiona on Rottnest or down south.

Ben had a life long passion for BMWs, in particular the M series. This cycling kit has been inspired by that love of German engineering with the bands reflecting that of the BMW Motorsports logo.

Ben had always spoken of designing a custom kit. Directed to Pedalare, Ben had begun working with us. Unfortunately Ben never got to realise the production. We are honoured to work on this custom project which honours the life of Ben and the wonderful impact he had on so many.

The legacy of Ben has been carried on though this kit. $20 from all sales will be donated to the leukaemia foundation in honour of Ben and the foundation whose research provided Ben with his best hope of survival.

Ben is missed so dearly by so many, rides simply aren't the same without him.

Vale Benjamin Richard Walawski

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