Individuality. Style. Performance.

(That doesn't come at the cost of your comfort)


You deserve to look good on the bike. Everybody does. Give us your vaguest of design ideas and our experienced, talented design team will transform it into something striking and refined. We will guide you gently through the process to make sure all your needs are met and produce a kit so stylish it's guaranteed to give you extra Fashion-watts!


Every stitch. Every cut. Every shape of every panel has been design from scratch at Pedalare. Every fabric is painstakingly chosen for longevity, comfort and performance. Every piece of kit is assembled in our independent sewing room where it can be adjusted to your needs. We don't just print up generic factory kit and send it out. We craft the finest cycling apparel from start to finish.


We offer significant savings on our custom kit depending on the size of the order. Get in touch to see how we can help your group on price.
To show our appreciation to all the Pedalare people new and old, we have decided to give a 20% discount on all our off the shelf stock to anyone taking part in a custom order. Inside your custom team store, you and your group will get a special discount code to save 20% on our entire off the shelf range. You can save while stocking up on the finest training kit to go with your sublime new custom kit. No Compromises. Ever!


Getting beautiful custom kit should not be hard or frustrating. You can come to us at any stage of the process, from the vaguest notion to a genius inspiration and we will guide and craft your ideas into the suavest cycling apparel. Design tweaks along the way are all part of the experience as we won't stop until you are happy.

Step 1
Get in touch using the form below

Step 2
Work with us on refining the design brief and budget

Step 3
We present you with designs and work on them with you until they are finalised

Step 4
We build you a custom shop on our website so all your team/crew/club/friends can choose and pay individually for their own kit

Step 5
Once the ordering period has closed it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks for production and delivery.


We offer thorough after sales support, so if you have any issues we'll get them fixed quick.
There is no such thing as a silly question, so shoot your custom kit questions to us today.



Graeme Brown

Graeme Brown

Olympic Gold Medalist
Ex World Tour Pro

"When I retired I tried Pedalare as it was Local. I soon realised it was the best cycling kit I’ve ever used. I have used a lot of different brands but Pedalare stood out! Didn’t need to look any further, I was hooked. Pedalare kit is BY FAR the best I have ever worn. Love it!"

Peter Trench

Peter Trench

Coach and Owner
Trench Health and Fitness

"Trench cyclists have been wearing Pedalare Kits for 3 years and haven’t had one negative comment.
With Pedalare nothing is ever too much trouble. They are very flexible in their approach to making and keeping the customer happy. Extremely responsive to new design ideas, change in design and setting up the online store."

Educare University

Tanya Birkbeck


"Over the years we have worked with Pedalare, we have discovered that going the extra mile is just standard and perfection is in their DNA. Getting a custom kit is easy, you just provide an incredibly vague idea of what you think you may want and Pedalare comes back with ideas and choices that blow your mind!"