Care Instructions

Handle with Care

Your Pedalare garment is made from the finest functional fabrics. We use a combination of warp knits, circular knits, laminates and coated yarn wovens. With each requiring delicate handling and care. We often use fabrics that are similar in nature to the finest underwear, which is always washed in a delicates bag and on a gentle cycle, Cycling kit should be treated the same. Stretch fabrics get their stretch from either mechanical structure or through the addition of elastane, often known as spandex. As you can imagine, elastane, has elastic principals and also needs to be cared for so that you get the best life out of your cycling kit.

Remember, always read the care label on each garment before washing. If your kit is defective through manufacturing issues we will do our best to repair or replace these items, but if they are damaged due to mishandling there is very little we can do.


  • Wash prior to first use, AND immediately after riding.
  • Wash lights and darks separately.
  • Always rinse any mud off in cold water.
  • Wash with zips done up.
  • Wash on delicate cycle at 30°C / 86°F and spin of 600-800 (max)
  • Use natural detergent.
  • Hang Dry, inside out.


  • Use Fabric softeners or bleach, NEVER EVER. Your garment is delicate and the elastane will be damaged.
  • Leave zips open
  • Dry in direct sunlight
  • Tumble Dry or Dry Clean
  • Iron your garment, if you need to use only the lowest setting
  • Use cheap detergent – this will break down the elastane prematurely.